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Johnnie Clark

Johnnie has been a musician at churches since 1996. Throughout the years he has played at many churches. He is known for his gifts of playing the organ, singing, directing, and personality. Johnnie uses his musical talent in many ways. Throughout his career working for different churches Johnnie has been rejected on his ideas and ways to grow a church. After so many churches rejected his ideas and told him “NO” he decided to pursue his dreams without a church for the glory of God.

Explosive praise was created by Johnnie Clark on January 14, 2017. It was not formed at a church and does not belong to a church. Explosive praise Consist of several different Ministries. Johnnie developed a singing ministry, Dance/ Flag ministry, Puppet ministry, and Mime Ministry. Explosive Praise was shown to the world March 25, 2017. Which is also our anniversary date. Explosive praise has a dynamic way of reaching people of all ages with room for more history.